Audit & Inspection

  • Practical Advice

  • Inspect existing processes

  • Delegated authority

  • Find suitable Lloyd’s of London Broker

  • Prepare application

  • Pre-assessment audit

We have experienced consultants who really understand this area of business. Our approach is to provide audit and consulting services in a way that allows parties to benefit and grow from the experience. We offer and deliver:

  • Practical Advice
  • Peace of mind to those offering a delegated authority
  • Audit services that minimise disruption
  • Specialist services relating to the management of the delegated authority agreement, such as an evaluation of organisational competence as well as follow-up and management advice

FinServ understands that some delegated authority business is not straightforward and may require additional help to ensure the best interests of all stakeholders are covered.

Lloyd’s of London

If you are considering entering into a delegated authority with Lloyd’s of London, FinServ can help you:

  • Find a suitable Lloyd’s of London Broker
  • Prepare your application
  • Review your submission
  • Undertake a pre-assessment audit

We can also conduct an assessment of competence, which covers the key nominated persons and infrastructure.